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Ebook Deals Today | July 13, 2024

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7-Figure Minds by Alinka Rutkowska

7-Figure Minds by Alinka Rutkowska

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What if the degree of separation between the entrepreneurial tycoon you see on your evening news and the small business owner down the street is just one word? Mindset. That’s what it comes down to.

7-Figure Minds is an anthology dedicated to exploring exactly the type of mental fortitude, wherewithal and know-how that separates the weekend warriors from the die-hard entrepreneurs. So, what does it take to be successful? Here’s a hint: it all starts with evaluating what kind of mental narrative you’re feeding yourself. Through a tapestry of authors, you’ll uncover the power of tapping into your own core programming to manifest success in ways you’ve only dreamed of before now.

Start reading now to:

  1. Learn specific tactics and strategies for resiliency in light of discouraging circumstances and setbacks
  2. Develop an impenetrable entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Explore the value of failure in developing creative problem solving solutions
  4. Understand the importance of orienting yourself in the right direction before you unleash your business plan
  5. Learn directly from myriad entrepreneurs who have come before you
  6. Save time, energy and fiscal resources by completing your due diligence upfront
  7. Understand that persistence is not always a strength in business endeavors; sometimes, quitting is both necessary and useful
  8. Learn how to tap into and leverage people already floating within your sphere of influence

A great idea is only as good as the actions that follow. It’s time to start writing your own blueprint for success! Take the leap and manifest the changes today!

Entrepreneurial success is available to you– but it starts here, inside the mind. Unlock your potential and grab your copy of 7-Figure Minds today!

Genre: Non-Fiction

7-Figure Minds: How to Grow and Lead a 7-Figure Business by Alinka Rutkowska

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