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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2017

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6/18 (iBooks) $1.99 “Deathnotes: Diary of a Ghost” by Nova Solis

6/18 (iBooks) $1.99 “Deathnotes: Diary of a Ghost” by Nova Solis

$1.99 “Deathnotes: Diary of a Ghost” by Nova Solis

available at iBooks


As a creator of something you believe in, you are perhaps entitled to define your work–to convey somehow, the purpose of putting these words together in a span of unending, restless days and sleepless nights–to give a meaning to the words that you have loved, hated, banished and then rejoiced–all at the same time. You start with a purpose of course, but then lose your way, and groping, fumbling in the darkness, you finally reach the shore. Now, you have a choice. You can either forgo the dark shadows and claim the brightness of the shore you wake into–or, you choose to embrace the darkness that guided you unintentionally to the vividness of an alien shore. As a writer, I choose the darkness, not because I deny the brightness but because I know and believe that it’s in that darkness, your words have evolved–in that dimensionless void..

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