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Ebook Deals Today | September 25, 2017

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$3.99 “The Tales of Chiraq” by Hakeem Muhammad

Tales of Chiraq by Hakeem Muhammad

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Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.99 “The Tales of Chiraq” by Hakeem Muhammad

Genre: Urban Fiction

There is a place where children do not fall asleep to lullabies but to gunshots- where roads are red saturated in blood of the youth victims of homicide. That place is Chiraq, which holds many tales, tales until now that would have never been told or heard. Tales belonging to kids who are buried 6 feet under the grave; tales belonging to Chiraq’s youth who have been surrounded by dope dealing and shootings their entire life; whose story would have been forgotten or erased from the annals of history until now. Now is your chance to learn their stories, so take a journey into the heart of the ghetto to learn the tale of a hero who lives in a world of poverty, despair, and senseless heart-breaking violence. From these impoverished-social conditions, a legend emerges in the South-Side of Chicago- a place where gangs rule and youth follow the laws of the streets.The Tales of Chiraq is a Novel that conveys the hardships and plight faced by inner-city youth who have been systematically ostracized in the post civil rights era.The Tales of Chiraq is an urban novel like none other written by author, Hakeem Muhammad, now an eighteen year old college student who was raised in one of the most violent communities ever recorded in contemporary American history in the South-Side of Chicago.

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