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Ebook Deals Today | October 22, 2017

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Three Free Romantic Suspense Kindle Books for Thursday

free kindle books

Get Three Free Romantic Suspense Kindle Books for Thursday

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free kindle booksStill Waters
A tragic death… A disturbing photo that can’t be explained… A woman drowning in an ocean of secrets…

In 1950s Virginia, Jenna Appleton seems to have found the life she’s always wanted. But underneath the shallow gleam of her bright suburban world, murky truths are waiting to surface. On the morning that her husband dies in a tragic accident, Jenna finds a shocking photo of him in the arms of a beautiful woman. And before she can ask him about it, he’s gone forever.

Five years later, Jenna has buried her questions and remade her life. But the reappearance of an old love stirs up guilty questions, and she realizes that some secrets aren’t meant to be kept. The deeper she dives for answers, the darker the water gets. How will she find happiness for herself and her family, when every move she makes toward the strange and awful truth seems to lead her right back to her own home shores?

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free kindle booksFalling – On the Banks of Lake Saint Clare (Falling – Book One)
Alex Dillard and her friends live a slow life in the small town of Noel. They spend their summer people watching; either at the baseball park, or at the local hangout. Life is peaceful and almost boring, (unless you count the usual cheer squad drama), until Michael Williams, a jaw-dropping athletic hunk moves to town.
Mesmerized by Michael’s good looks and charm, Alex fears he is way too perfect her. Their fairy tale love is more than puppy love as they discover what love is together.
Sweet lovable popular Alex could never hurt anyone, but seems to have made enemies all over town. When her friends find her naked in a pool of blood, and left for dead, people are left to wonder who would possibly want to harm such a sweet girl and start to doubt her story.
Life can change in a heartbeat, something Alex discovers firsthand. Has the trouble followed the love of her life to town? Will he stick it out? Who is falling for Alex?

Download here: (Confirm still free before downloading)



free kindle booksLadybug
The turn of the century promised a new age, but one small town girl, Lillie O’Riley, felt trapped in the Victorian Age. Wanting to break free from the mold of the home-bound housewife, Lillie convinces her parents to let her attend college and puts her plans for marraige on hold. With the promise to return to her betrothed, Henry King, once her schooling was complete, she sets out to fulfill her dream, following her brother, Jimmy, to Massachussetts Agricultural College. But her plans begin to unravel when she meets one of Boston’s
finest and “Untouchable”, Caleb Cohen, and falls in love. To her dismay, she becomes embroiled in the life of the “Roaring Twenties” when her brother disappears and Lillie vows to find out the truth. Unbeknownst to her, Detective
Cohen is also tracking Jimmy, hoping to bust open a large bootlegging operation.
When the truth of Jimmy’s whereabouts is finally revealed, will their fragile romance continue or fall apart?

Download here: (Confirm still free before downloading)

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