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Ebook Deals Today | April 20, 2021

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The Soul Inspired LOVER by J. F. Worthington

The Soul Inspired LOVER by J. F. Worthington

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IMAGINE a book compiled on the stories of 100 soulmate couples. A book that will decode the signals surrounding modern day romantic discovery and fully engaging the law of attraction. All of this whilst opening your mind and preparing you for the meeting of your ultimate love. Imagine that meeting, twin flames rising like an existential tsunami: all of a sudden you can sense that an immensely important person has entered your life, all of a sudden you get the overwhelming feeling that your life is going to change in a way you aren’t even aware of yet – and yet you intuitively know that the changes will be great, greater than what you’ve ever experienced, and breathtaking in their magnitude.
Throughout the book, I have captured genuine accounts from people who have experienced the intensity of meeting their soulmate.
Chapters 1-4 (Stage One); This stage is spent “preparing” for the arrival of the soulmate on a subconscious level. This preparation involves the development of self-awareness, self-love, discovery, and understanding.
Chapters 5-9 (Stage Two); Will provide a stage for a glimpse of your soulmate. Through effective communication and then a real-life meeting, suddenly the Beloved can be sensed. The result is profound. Wonder, joy, anxiety and intoxication quickly ensue. For those cautious among us, a lingering sense of intense curiosity and desire to get to know the person better.
Chapters 10-11 (Stage Three); When you fall for this person, you will fall very, very hard. You will fall harder than you have ever fallen for anyone. The final chapters provide you with the mechanism to keep you orientated around this love. You might feel lovesick and “unlike yourself.” You may even try to resist the attraction, but eventually you’ll accept the reality that you’re deeply and madly in love.
I look forward to being on this journey with you. Like so many before you, experience the feeling of ultimate love.

Genre: Selfhelp

The Soul Inspired LOVER by J. F. Worthington

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