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Ebook Deals Today | October 20, 2021

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Shadow on the Desert by Irving Warner

Shadow on the Desert by Irving Warner

Realtime Price – $1.99

Rincon County and City border on Mexico, and a corrupt City/County Mayor and Sheriff have made them a fiefdom of their own. They are corrupt, but at first it seems not unreasonably so. They have also evolved a separate and lucrative peace utilizing the county’s two obscure international gates. On the Mexico side is Cuidad Rincon where American “snowbirds” may shop in the safety and hygienic comfort of a capacious mall. Illicit activities on both sides of the border are out of sight and consist of the routine sort endemic along the U.S./Mexico border. But then one day a menace abruptly shadows this comfortable world of Mayor Ricardo and Sheriff Sonny: The Mayor’s profligate son while frolicking at the local bordello has his third of a million-dollar Lamborghini stolen. An enigmatic knife-wielding man is the culprit, and from that day on arrangements of any separate peace end. This thief is not interested in money; he begins a campaign that disrupts the lives of Sheriff Sonny and Mayor Ricardo. He assumes the nom de guerre of “El Furioso”, and worse—uses that cursed Lamborghini for what it was made: great, elusive speed. Prepare for vindication, romance and life on the boarder in this mostly light read, and entertaining novel.

Genre: Action, Romance

Shadow on the Desert by Irving Warner

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