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Ebook Deals Today | October 22, 2017

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6/9 Free (iBooks) “Paradox: Progeny of Innocence” by Patti Roberts

free paranormal ebooks

free paranormal ebooks

“Paradox: Progeny of Innocence” by Patti Roberts

available free (limited time) at iBooks


This is not a story about Vampires. However, we are talking about a predatory being that existed long before the word Vampire was ever whispered… the real monsters behind the legendary Vampire myths that reigned in Ancient times. They were a race of Fallen Angels called Grigorians. With their black feathered wings and their unyielding taste for human flesh and blood, it is easy to see how the myths about Vampires first began. And so today, while mankind continues to be enthralled by tales about Vampires and such, the real identity of the true villain, the Grigorian, remains hidden and free to walk among us at will… There are those that know the truth. The Bulguardians. An Imperial race of Angels who continue to hunt and fight to the death in a bid to save humanity from extinction. The sequel to Paradox – The Angels Are Here.

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