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Ebook Deals Today | October 20, 2021

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Go From Hustle to Flow by Amanda W. Jenkins

Go From Hustle to Flow by Amanda Jenkins

Realtime Price – $7.99

Sure, it takes a certain amount of hustle to get what you want. But if you’ve found the tough-love, bootstrapper’s approach taken by many self-help books an incomplete solution, Go From Hustle to Flow is the missing link to help you get on the path to getting what you want.

Whether you are launching a passion project, leading an organization, championing a social justice cause, or simply wishing to up-level your personal life, this book contains the tools you need to move forward. You’ll be challenged to examine your relationship to motivation, your personal energy levels, and how you fit into the greater good of your community. You’ll find useful exercises intended to help you put insights into action. Each chapter also features a suggested yoga pose to help you embody the concepts you’ve learned. From beginner to advanced yogi, progress through the book will not only be intellectual, but imprinted onto every cell of your body.

If you’re getting caught in the trap of anxiety or “workaholism,” the problem likely isn’t you. We pick up the idea that we should grind from many places: our friends, our teachers, our families, our culture. The problem is, most of this hustle is irrelevant to us producing the results we want in our lives! Pretty soon, our day-to-day activities can stray far away from what is most important to us. We are living totally out of alignment.

Drawing on the most recent ideas from biology, psychology, business, neuroscience, and ancient yogic wisdom, Amanda Jenkins creates an easy-to-follow guide to help you flow through life with more ease. Along the way, readers will be inspired and entertained with memorable stories and metaphor drawn from Amanda’s personal experience and research.

Hustle to Flow will teach you to:

• let go of faulty belief systems;
• erase behavioral patterns that no longer work for you;
• design your life and workspace to manifest the type of success you want;
• get back on track when you fall off course.

Perhaps you’ll be prompted to do less busywork. Maybe you’ll realize you need to do more of the things that really light you up. Either way, you’ll be able to see your hustle for what it is – sometimes, a huge suck of time and energy! – and recognize when you’re in that ever-elusive flow state, the one that some psychologists argue is the optimal way of living. Her guidance is not one-size-fits-all, because “flow” is what you make it. Understanding how to achieve FLOW in business, relationships, personal and family life – even in your workout regimen! – will help you break bad habits, channel your energies, and even help you unlock your soul’s purpose.

Jenkins has found balance in her life, as a parent, in her marriage, and as a business owner by devoting herself to the study of ancient yogic philosophy, modern anatomy, intuition, and the human stress response. After receiving her certificate in the emerging field of Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, she began to test a roadmap for getting out of our modern obsession with hustle, first on herself, then on friends, family, and clients, with fantastic success.

With her Masters’ Degree in Public Policy and years of experience in sales, marketing, and owning her own successful businesses, Amanda brings something new to the discussion about life, work, and self-care. She will teach you exactly how to get out of life’s ruts – ensuring you’re not spinning your wheels, while allowing you to tap into your unique sources of endless motivation. @

Genre: Non-Fiction, Selfhelp

Go From Hustle to Flow: Yoga + Mindset Practice to Release Overwhelm, Cultivate Peace + Redefine Success

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