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Ebook Deals Today | May 21, 2024

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Be the Change by Jennifer Soran Boon

Be the Change by Jennifer Soran Boon

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You’re a woman, you’re going about your day, in the busyness, in the jobs. The humdrum of life. No space or time to go within. You feel exhausted, fed up, resentful at the way life has become: an endless stream of obligations and to-dos.

Whether you believe it or not, you are in the cage of being a woman at this time. Being a woman keeps us in shackles of expectations: of ‘nice’, of an unspoken but felt cage of what is a woman in this time.

Being a woman in this time keeps us small. It keeps us from shining our lights. We are more than this.

This book guides you through stepping into being more than what we have been shackled to.

Be the Change is a book to ignite the change within you so that you are empowered to heal and connect back into your inner world with love and back onto your soul path with courage.

It is a soul call to all women who know in their hearts that there is something more to being a woman and something more to this life.

This book is channelled wisdom, filled with practical ways and journal prompts to guide you in the journey of going inside of you and healing.

Let’s make the ripples of love and change in our lives for us and for the women who will come after us and for the world.

Be the change.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Selfhelp

Be the Change: An Empowering and Healing Handbook for Women by Jennifer Soran Boon

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