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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2017

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7/27 Friday Five Free Ebooks for Kindle

Friday Five Free Ebooks for Kindle for your reading pleasure. Please be sure to confirm price before downloading as price is subject to change without notice or updation. Prices listed below were correct at the time of posting.


Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Summer of Firefly Memories

The road has not been easy for the McGreggor girls. Orphaned, the four sisters should have had each other, but over the past twenty years the hands of fate scattered each far from the others both geographically and emotionally.
One sister, Samantha, an eco-journalist who is at a personal crossroad, decides she must make peace with her past in order to find hope in the future. Over the course of one summer, she beckons each sister to return to a rustic lake resort that none have visited since their parents’ tragic deaths.
What happens when four grown women return to a place of shared and fleeting – “firefly” memories?




Genre: Thriller

Double Bind

In Double Bind, successful writer Raymond Bridges must unravel a mystery that goes to the heart of his being and face apparently irresolvable doubts about his identity.

It’s a thrilling journey that leads him to question so much of what he finds in the world around him – even the loyalty of those he knows and loves.




Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Son of Eden, a Paranormal Romance (Tales of the Guardian)

The first book in the Tales of the Guardian Series – A Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Imagine a moment of unseen intervention on your behalf. What would you do if you discovered invisible beings surrounding you? What if you were the key to their survival? SON OF EDEN introduces a world where unseen beings really do exist, love has no limits, and the realization of one’s self worth is pivotal. Tormented by sadness over her mother’s death, Emily Wallace wonders if life really has any purpose. Her question is answered when she meets Alexander. After transgressing the laws of his kind, Alexander reveals his true nature to Emily and the two find life without one another is not an option. But, forming such a cosmically unique relationship comes with a price. It becomes apparent that some will stop at nothing to ensure an ancient prophecy surrounding these two is never fulfilled. Is the Opposition motivated by knowledge of Alexander’s true identity? Or, are they more concerned with who Emily is destined to become.




Genre: Horror

Drusilla Blood (The Blood Trilogy)

‘God, have pity. Help us.’
Edith screamed as her head was forced back by the maelstrom that roared around them. She fought to close her eyes, to shut out the snarling face feasting upon Jago’s swollen tongue.
The ceremony was not going well…

1911: Edith Sanguine holds a playful séance that goes terribly wrong.
Present day: Drusilla Blood, a disgraced archaeologist with a disastrous love life, plunges into a raging fire at a pagan festival and escapes the searing flames miraculously unharmed.

Two young women, separated by generations, now share a sinister fate; possession by an ancient being, a sadistic and powerful entity bent on destruction. They must fight a primeval battle against the beast within them, and their deteriorating sanity. Can Drusilla end the malignant legacy that Edith set in motion, hindered by those that wish to control its power for their own ends?
A gripping occult thriller where the past and present weave together in a tale of passion, intrigue, murder and the supernatural.

Drusilla Blood: Part One of the Blood Trilogy.



Genre: Cookbooks

Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Complete Guide to Pizza

This cookbook is a complete look at the making of pizza, from dough to finished pie. Focusing on technique and fundamentals, it will teach you how to prepare all of the famous types of pizzas such as hand tossed, deep dish, stuffed crust, calzone, grilled pizza, and dessert pizza to name a few. It also includes the outlines of toppings for some of the more archetypal pies such as the famous “White Pizza” and “Pizza Margherita”.

After mastering the techniques and sauces here you will be able to make pizzas that far excel those of the famous chain restaurants in both flavor and appearance (of course homemade is always healthier, too). But remember, it is your pie, so don’t let anyone else tell you what you should put on top of it and you won’t have to eat humble pie!


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