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Ebook Deals Today | September 24, 2017

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12/14 Ebook Deal of the Day: $0.99 “Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters” by AB Wallace

Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepter by AB Wallace

Ebook Deal of the Day: $0.99 "Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters" by AB Wallace

Genre: Horror

Brit Chambers, a gutsy Werecreature Consultant, has taken on the job of discovering the means by which to destroy the Sacred Scepters before a werecreature assassin finds them and uses them to rid the world of magic. But she has another problem to rid herself of as well–she has become Lord Daison's personal blood bank thanks to her best friend, a weretiger.

"Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters, the first book in the Werecreature Series by A.B. Wallace, is not a book that fits into any one genre, into any particular niche. It's horror, science fiction and fantasy all rolled into one, with a hint of P.I./crime thrown in for good measure. In a world in which magic, shapeshifters, witches, vampires and enchanting fauna all are commonplace, Brit Chambers, an entrepreneur and human, finds herself in the middle of a diabolical scheme to rid the world of magic. A.B. Wallace weaves an intricate tale with colorful characters and creative settings, from Lord Daison's beautiful palace to Brit's very own small apartment in the aptly named Box City. As a bonus, dark and sensual renditions of the characters, done by T. Kelly, are sprinkled throughout the book. Wallace's writing is crisp and imaginative, leaving the reader with no choice but to keep turning the pages. At times frightening and suspenseful, this book is also laugh out loud funny in places, erotic and emotionally engaging as well. A fast-paced, exciting novel, Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters is also just plain fun. I look forward to the next book in the series." Elizabeth Blue–Pretty-Scary

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