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Ebook Deals Today | November 23, 2017

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$0.99 “The God Delusion” by Q

$0.99 “The God Delusion” by Q

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Ebook Deal of the Day: $0.99 “The God Delusion: Believer in God’s Response to Richard Dawkin’s Book” by Q

Genre: Religion & Spirituality

His views of God as a created being, miracles as nothing other than ‘more-or-less improbable natural events’ and faith as unevidenced belief represent a ‘straw’ version of Christianity which the orthodox would not wish to defend. Consequently, arguments based on these assumptions do not actually engage with the intended target. Attacks based on meme theory, religion as a ‘mental virus’ and the supposed gullibility of the young have no anti-Christian mileage in them whatsoever. These are simply theories about how ideas spread – any ideas. They say nothing about the truth or falsity of the beliefs themselves and have the boomerang effect of being equally applicable to the spread of atheism! There appear to be a number of inconsistencies between Dawkins’ various claims. These concern arguments from analogy; the use of chance + selection by intelligent agents; the legitimate use of metaphor; wishful thinking; and the meaning and purpose of life. It is important to distinguish between confident assertions and their justification.’

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