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Ebook Deals Today | October 19, 2017

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The Absorber by K Z ($2.99)

Classification: Sci-Fi Romance
“The Absorber” is a simple yet compelling story that will suck you in from the start.
Love, deception, great wealth and crazy people… It’s all here!
At present, we are living in an “Age Of Reality”. So it’s only natural that this book should read like a diary. The Absorber is based on the incredible true story of a young woman with supernatural powers of healing. Upon first observation, Devin Montique appears to be just another ordinary young woman with some minor mental issues. But after hearing her story, you will find that there’s much more to Devin than initially meets the eye. Devin Montique’s troubles aren’t just in her head; they’re in her blood. She was a gift from an advanced alien race to the people of the planet earth. The purpose of her presence was to help save humanity. But pure human selfishness and greed would eventually make an Indian- giver out of the very generous gift-giver. “There’s a fine line between good-n-evil, reality-n-fantasy and life-n-death. Once that line is crossed, there’s no turning back.”



  1. Jodie

    This is best best read in a very long time. Fiction or reality? You decide. I couldn’t put the book down. With all of the crap out there, this one is a winner!!

  2. Bill Frank

    Simply Brilliant!!! I couldn’t put this book down. And the ending shocked the hell out of me! I highly recommend The Absorber to all!!!

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