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Ebook Deals Today | June 18, 2018

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OoBE – Awakening by Oscar Morales

science fiction ebook OoBE - Awakening by Oscar Morales

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The next step in evolution for the human race is about to begin, technology has advanced to the point where instant learning is almost a reality. the big question is who will own the technology? will it be Lucan Taylor with his dreams of helping humanity to grow as a species? or will it be the power hungry CEO of AXIOM corporation trying to control the world?

This is the first of three books that will take you on a journey that will change the way we look at the human brain. Explore surreal worlds inside Lucan’s mind, discover the conspiracy behind an awful accident, and watch a doctor trying helplessly to save his patient. But they are not alone, a strange small man who smokes to much and smiles is the key behind everything.

OoBE is filled with unique characters and complex situations that will unravel the mystery of Neurotopography. A new science that will someday redefine humanity as we know it.

If you like mystery thrillers, science fiction and a little bit of romance, then this book will tell the story of a lifetime.

A little taste of what’s to come:

Genre: Science Fiction

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