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Romantic Suspense

Laurel Brook is not sick.Sure, she just fell into a shelf of Noodle-Os at the grocery store and startled the unsuspecting patrons, but she’s definitely not sick. The problem is, the hot doctor who just caught her in his arms after she lost her balance? He doesn’t agree.Dr. Lachlan Cade can tell Laurel needs help, and even if it means bending the rules, he’s going to give it. Laurel is just as determined never to rely on a man again, but that’s a hard vow to keep when Lachlan’s touch makes her tachycardic and his soothing promises feel like warm honey on her tongue. Despite her misgivings, Laurel finds herself in a predicament with only two choices--go with Dr. Cade to his house for treatment, or rack up a medical bill in the hospital she can't afford.As Laurel reluctantly learns to accept help and heal, a mysterious threat ends up in Lachlan's inbox, and he has a sinking feeling it has something to do with the reason Laurel refuses to trust in the first place. Suddenly, he isn't just worried about hanging onto the hilarious but sexy patient who tumbled into his arms. He's worried Laurel's wounds run dangerously deep, and if they can't trust each other, they'll both end up scarred.