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Romantic Suspense

In this thrilling small-town adventure, Dulcie Brisand knows her family has secrets, but they were buried long ago… until they suddenly refuse to stay that way. Now, she’s on the run and must face hidden conspiracies as she attempts to save herself and those she loves.The fallout from a decades-old mystery threatens to tear her world apart, forcing her to seek protection from a powerful figure in the dangerous criminal underworld, who just happens to be the father she’s never known. Struggling to make sense of the truth, she and her unexpected allies confront the past and unknown enemies who are determined to either control her life or end it.With the help of the handsome but rough-around-the-edges Deacon Hawkins, she fights against the criminal plot endangering and displacing everyone she holds dear, while waiting for the next shoe to drop and the next enemy to surface.Follow Dulcie on a journey full of twists and turns as threats lurk around every corner culminating in an explosive ending leaving her unsure of who she can trust.