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Young Adult, Fantasy

In nineteenth century Norland, magic is forbidden, punishable by death. But it’s coming for Clara…Clara was born into the nobility at a time when rank and power are more valuable than the bonds of family. Her parents have plans for her, all involving her arranged marriage to a suitor selected for her. Every step of her path is meant to end with her walking down an aisle then popping out heirs, to eventually begin the cycle anew.She cringes at the thought of her destiny, but does all she can to accept the fate her parents have chosen for her. Except then, for the first time in her life, something unexpected happens.Clara falls gravely ill, and none of the usual methods can save her. With their daughter on the brink of death, when her future alliance is already settled, her desperate father finally calls on a mysterious man whose expertise is in the banned arts. It’s a dangerous move, one that threatens all her parents have built, but her only hope of survival.Under his secret care, though, an unforeseen side effect develops. Magic awakens in Clara, gifting her with a second chance. Her entire life, she has resisted the lure of magic, doing what has been expected of her. Nothing has prepared her to deny the temptation of the only man willing to save her ... from herself.* Magic Awakens is the first book in the Witching World, a complete series of six full-length novels and one prequel novella. These books are young adult historical fantasy and are suitable for all ages. Each book ends in a cliffhanger, but the series finale wraps up in an uplifting happily-ever-after.* The suggested reading order for the Witching World series is the following:Magic AwakensThe FIve-Petal KnotThe MerqueenThe Ginger CatThe Scarlet DragonSpirit of the Spell - prequel novellaMermagic