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Horror, Suspense

The End of the World does not come because of a nuclear war, and it does not come because of the walking dead.The end of the world comes because most of the world’s population is going crazy. It begins as people start stuttering and saying incomprehensible things. They cannot help themselves. Whatever has happened to them causes madness. They destroy their neighbors’ homes, burn cities, and murder those who have not gone crazy.Every destructive thing they do is hilarious.Every murder is creative and hysterical.They hide around every corner, seeking those who are not like them.High School sweethearts, Matt and Kyra, are trying to reunite with Matt’s mother as a historic blizzard hits their town.The three of them must answer many questions as they battle their way through a nightmarish landscape of devastation.What is causing humanity to lose its sanity?Why are some people unaffected by this murderous rage while others have become violent predators?Will they also lose their minds?And ultimately, what happened that turned these people into - LAUGHERS?