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Inspirational Romance

One morning, Eloise Paisley receives a mysterious letter from her grandmother who has been gone for over twenty years. Inside the envelope is the deed to a rundown bookshop on Main Street—a gift for Eloise. Is she up to the task of breathing life into the almost-derelict building, or will she have to sell the beloved property so she can afford to keep her cottage on the shore?

Fortunately, Eloise isn’t alone. She’s got three adult children on her side, though each has problems of their own.

Jack, the eldest, is running his own company. Despite his success, he finds that something in his life is missing. There’s Lilah, a mother of two young children, whose husband has been spending unexplained late nights at the office, and she’s determined to find out why. The youngest, Angelica, is a free spirit traveling the world for her career. But when she encounters an old flame at home, is it enough to draw her back?

Come visit the Paisley family on Aster Island and follow their journey as they explore new love and second chances, as they travel far and return home, and as they throw their hearts and souls into making a dream come true.

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Step onto Aster Island off the coast of New England and be welcomed into the Paisley family’s cozy little cottage. Take your shoes off and stay a while. Smell the sea-salt air, relish in the scent of comfort food, snuggle in the warmth of a fuzzy blanket. Watch as one little gift gives way to a dream that transforms an entire family.