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Paranormal Romance

To save her from danger, this Alpha wolf must get burned by the flames. CASSIA Secrets. I have to hide the truth about myself. As a half-dragon, I'm wanted, Coveted, Hunted. I'm a weapon of mass destruction, With a fiery temperament, That can destroy anyone. And they want me. Hellbent on finding my parents, I'll stop at nothing to rescue them, Even if it means enlisting an unlikely ally, With smoldering eyes and scars of his own, One who's determined to protect me. But at what cost? COLM A price, On her head. But I refuse to give her up. I refuse to let them have her. And when they offer the ultimate prize, I have to choose, My future or hers. Torn between desire and freedom, Love and loss, I have one choice to make. Get burned by the flame, Or die trying.