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Paranormal Romance

Sometimes escaping the past leads to finding the future.On the run from her ex-boyfriend, Tris Abbott finds herself at Gem Creek Campground. A place that unexplainably feels like home, but holds secrets. It’s here Tris’s world flips upside down when she learns shifters are real and she’s chosen to save them.Before she can come to terms with the supernatural world she’s been introduced to, her past catches up.Face-to-face with her ex again, Tris must decide between fight and flight. Round two will be different though, because this time she knows what her ex is—a shifter.This YA Paranormal Romance includes loyal Bear-Shifters who love fiercely, loads of suspense, and a sassy lead.Get ready to be hooked after page one! This story will keep you eagerly turning the page wanting to find out what happens next.