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Science Fiction

An intense near future psychological thriller that plunges you into a world of artificial intelligence, corruption and rebellion

After Matt Carter is left for dead following an attempt on his life, the head of communications for the world’s largest technology firm wakes up to find his brain has been replaced with an artificial intelligence and sets off to find out why; but a shocking discovery forces him off the grid where he must figure out what is most important to him and decide just how far he is willing to go to save the ones he loves.

Artificial is the first book in the Disconnected series, featuring futuristic technology, intense action, compelling characters, surprising plot twists and a chilling vision of a society ignorant of its weakness.

If you like fast-paced adventure, engaging science fiction, and pissed off rebels, then you’ll love the first instalment in G. A. Everett’s page-turning series.

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Amazon customer reviews:

"G.A. Everett bursts onto the scene with a debut which delivers a frighteningly plausible look at the future. Incredibly impressed with this book. A real page turner from start to finish. Recommended to any fans of urban sci-fi (like Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series)." ★★★★★

"Artificial is a poetically compelling novel, that explores themes of technological totalitarianism and urban rebellion, set in a frighteningly—and increasingly realistic—near future. A thoroughly enjoyable read that forces you to question your own reality and the challenges of a 21st century society." ★★★★★

"Truly gripping from start to finish. Each chapter takes you in deeper and keeps you wanting to know more. A fantastic read." ★★★★★

"I enjoyed 'Artificial' as much as 'Hunted', maybe more so because of the final twist. The author is always going to be one step ahead of us, so I anticipate his third book with excitement! He is different!" ★★★★★

"I found this book by chance and I am glad decided to give it a read...I couldn’t put the book down. ★★★★★

"A great read. Loved it from start to finish. As a reader who had fallen out of love with books over the years this has really sucked me back in and I hope this is the start of an epic journey. ★★★★★

"Absolutely loved this book and a must-read for anyone who likes urban sci-fi! ... a real page-turner which I have recommended to all friends and family." ★★★★★

"Great book. Really enjoyed writing style of the author. Look forward to reading the rest of the series. ★★★★★

"Enjoyed the writing and the story. Would definitely read another of this author's books. Hope there is a sequel." ★★★★★

"Really would recommend." ★★★★★