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Romantic Suspense

Shocked by family tragedy, Jasmine Hartwell returns home with a need to do something meaningful with her life. Romeo Moretti, the only man Jasmine has ever loved, but could never have, is now an international singing sensation, adored by millions. However, he is disillusioned with his fame and decides to use his high profile for a good purpose by hosting a benefit concert in the Maldives, which will be broadcast across the world.
It has been five years since Jasmine and Romeo have seen each other, but a heartbreaking twist of fate leads to a reunion between them. Romeo whisks Jasmine away to the Maldives, to help with the concert’s publicity, but their path to success is fraught with challenges and danger, as they battle to resist their burning desire for one another.

Excerpt from book...

Romeo grabbed Jasmine's arm and looked her in the eyes. “If you’re doing this to make me jealous, it’s not working. I told you what sort of man Kamal is, so why are you wasting your time with him?”
“Because his words have made me feel good about myself. It’s been a long time since any man has made me feel that way.” 
“So, you’ve been spending your time with Kamal, have you, while I’ve been away? So much for you saying you are just here to work,” Romeo said.
“You also told me that I am here to have fun too,” she said.
“Oh, and Kamal is fun is he! Spare me the details.” He turned to leave, shaking his head in disgust. 
“This evening is the first time I’m meeting him, so you’ve made the wrong assumption.”
Jasmine didn’t need to explain herself to Romeo, but she refused to let him think that she had been enjoying a lavish time with Kamal. What she wanted to tell him was how unhappy and heartbroken she had been since he left.
“It’s not safe for you to go on your own,” he said. 
“I’ll be okay,” she said.
He watched her walk away, her pretty lace dress stroking the decking and her dark glossy hair delicately bouncing in the wind. 
“Jasmine!” he said.
“Yes?” she turned to him and raised her eyebrows questioningly.
“Please stay here.”
“Why?” she looked at Romeo appealingly, hoping the words she so craved would come from his lips.
“Because you’re taking a huge risk. That yacht could be going anywhere.” There was a silence between them as she considered his point, which was a valid one.
“How about you have a relaxing evening here instead.  Come to mine; we’ll have a drink and just …”
Before he could finish what he was saying, she interrupted and said, “I see, so I come to yours, have a drink, a bit of a roll around, and then you make me feel like rubbish again. Forget it!”
“I wasn’t suggesting that at all,” he said. “It’s just that I can see things aren’t right between us, so it would be good to talk it over, don’t you think?”
“No thanks!” Jasmine said bluntly, “Just to make yourself feel better.” 
She started walking towards the yacht again, more resolute and determined than before.
“Jasmine, stop!” He stood in front of her, trying to block her path.
“Get out of my way!” she said, noticing that their argument amused the captain of the yacht.
In an instant, Romeo lifted Jasmine from her feet and threw her over his shoulder, his strong arms locking her legs into his chest. She thumped his back angrily and tried to flip up in the way a toddler does in a tantrum.
“Let me down,” she said. “You’re insane!”
“I’m trying to save you,” he said, appearing angry by her defiance.
She managed to arch back far enough to make him lose balance and trip. They landed on the decking with a loud thump, the right sleeve of her dress ripping as it caught his watch.
“Jas, are you okay?” he asked, offering to help her up.  
Jasmine didn’t reply. Instead, she slapped him across the face and told him to move out of the way. She ran to the yacht as fast as she could, tears spilling from her eyes...