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Historical Romance

The infamous viscount Richard Davenport is known for his icy heart — but when he learns of his unmarried sister’s secret pregnancy, he must seek the help of the only woman he ever loved. A spellbinding holiday romance from USA Today bestselling author BREE WOLF!England, 1808: VISCOUNT ASHWOOD, RICHARD DAVENPORT, is a man encased in an icy reputation — his aloof demeanor and piercing gray eyes are as forbidding as winter itself. Society whispers of his heartlessness, but little do they know that Richard's cold exterior masks a keen, albeit misunderstood, spirit.When his sister's secret pregnancy threatens to become a scandal, Richard is plunged into a storm of familial duty. The only person capable of navigating these treacherous waters and ensure his sister’s well-being is EVELYN PROCTEN, a woman whose medical ambitions defy the conventions of the time and whose presence has always managed to thaw Richard's frosty facade.EVELYN has long harbored dreams of following in her father's footsteps and becoming a doctor—a path that leaves no room for romance, especially with a man who represents everything that stands against her goals. Yet, when duty calls her to Farnworth Manor, she must confront the complex emotions stirred by Richard, the man who has always haunted her heart.As the winter chill deepens, so too does the connection between Richard and Evelyn. A stolen kiss ignites a flame that neither can ignore. In the season of giving, they may find the greatest gift isn't wrapped in ribbons but nestled in the beating of their own hearts.Will the holiday spirit kindle a love that breaks through ice and convention, or will their differences extinguish the spark before it has a chance to grow?Join Richard and Evelyn as they discover that the warmth of love can melt even the chilliest of reputations in this heartwarming tale of redemption and hope. Grab a copy of OPPRESSED AND EMPOWERED, a cup of tea to go with it and settle into your favorite reading spot for a swoon-worthy romance that will touch your heart and stir your soul!Each love story in this series can be read as a stand-alone. However, most readers prefer to read them in order.