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Thriller, Mystery

What type of man hunts the bogeyman?

Alex Dorring is Agent 192, a member of an elite assassins wing of MI6 called Uriel. Beginning ten years ago with a bungled mission and an escape from a burning prison, this story finds Alex now dwelling in the Pit: a secret psychiatric unit for broken agents of the British Secret Service. Busted out and whisked away to the deserts of Syria, he finds himself in a community of ex-agents led by a mysterious masked figure who wants Alex to join them.

Meanwhile, Uriel send their deadliest agents on the trail of their missing man. Starting in Copenhagen and spreading to the jungles of South America, they hunt down leads with violent efficiency and find a group of assassins hellbent on taking Uriel down and turning the hunters into the hunted.

As Alex begins to learn of the intentions of the community, he must make a choice: his country or his new found family.

Spanning the globe and involving a wide-ranging cast of characters, this fast-paced thriller will leave you breathless as you enter the chaotic world of Agent 192.