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SciFi, Dystopian

In a world ruled by Immortals.......humans have everything to fear.Ethan Calaway has spent years living off the grid and out of the watchful eyes of the world's blood-thirsty overlords. Until his sister goes missing. Her last known location: The Immortal Realm.Breaking into enemy territory won't be easy.Getting out alive? Near impossible.But with the help of a couple of unlikely allies, he might have a chance.Can Ethan save his sister from the clutches of the Immortal Council?Or will the secrets he uncovers cost him his life?BUY IT NOW!Don’t miss this intoxicating paranormal dystopian series reader are calling “original” and “not like any other vampire story I’ve read”. The complete trilogy is now available!!The Immortal Plague - Book 1The Immortal Deceit - Book 2The Immortal Affliction - Book 3