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Paranormal, Fantasy

Not all heroes wear shining armour.

Weegel has always been different. Green-skinned with the horns of a Billy goat, he is determined to find other worcogs and escape the humans who shun and fear him. Even going as far as to steal from them and darken his soul. But if that’s what it takes to reach his goal and find the one place he belongs.

But then he meets Ivora, a sweet, beautiful girl who changes his heart and makes him see that not all humans are cruel. Some may even be worth dying for.

Only problem: she is hiding a dark secret.

Weegel makes it his new mission to find out her secret, one that could surely shake the kingdom to its very core.

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Book 1 of The Last Worcog Trilogy. This book is written in British English and includes mild swearing.