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Crime, Mystery

Anna Carmen died six hours ago. Cici knew the exact moment because she’d swear until the day she died her sister said her name in a soft, broken voice just as Cici’s mind switched off...

Few people have ever experienced a connection like the one Cici Gurule and her sister had. The women weren't just twins; they were identical.

Yes, were.

Now, Cici must learn to live without her sister...

...and deal with her unsolved murder and a cold trail.

◆Please note: This is a companion novella that should be read prior to A Pilgrimage to Death as it offers further insights into Cici, Sam, and the murder of Anna Carmen. It ends on a cliffhanger.◆

Although these books are best read in order, as a series, the rest (after A Pilgrimage to Death) can be read as a standalone. The correct order is:

Identical Death

A Pilgrimage to Death

A Heritage of Death

An Artifact of Death

A Revelation of Death 

A Counsel of Death (late 2021)