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Cozy Mystery

Newcomer Anne gets pulled into a deadly mystery after her quirky neighbor is accused of murder. But cracking this case will ruffle more than a few feathers...and may cause Anne’s dream of a peaceful life in Carolan Springs to be scrambled forever.Anne Freemont thought her fresh start in the picturesque town of Carolan Springs would be a peaceful new start. But her quaint Colorado dream is upended when her neighbor’s dead body is discovered in his compost pile.Just when Anne’s nerves can’t be more rattled, her quirky young neighbor, Kandi Jenkins, is accused of the murder. Desperate to clear her name, Kandi begs for Anne’s help. Amateur sleuth, Anne pries into the victim’s past, only to discover Carolan Springs is a hotbed of secrets...and someone is desperate to keep them buried.With suspects multiplying and danger lurking around every sun-dappled corner, Anne realizes her new life is scrambling towards a deadly conclusion. Can she crack the case before the killer strikes again? Or will her first taste of small-town living leave her permanently over-easy?Teeming with eccentric characters, a touch of humor, and just a hint of romance, Chicken Culprit delivers a delightfully entertaining mystery that will have you roosting on the edge of your seat! If you’re craving a fun, cozy read with a criminally good plot, grab this clever series starter now!