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Thriller Fiction

A chilling psychological thriller by the million-copy bestselling author of Silent Child.After a family tragedy leaves Leah destitute, she’s forced to accept a job she doesn’t want at a place that fills her with dread.Nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire moors stands Crowmont Hospital, a secure psychiatric unit housing hundreds of convicted criminals. On Leah’s first day there, she meets her new patient, Isabel Fielding, a teen murderess.Isabel spends her days sketching birds to hang on the walls of her room. She never raises her voice. She is gentle and kind. She is nothing like the violent child killer described in gratuitous headlines.Online rumours suggest Isabel’s father or brother were more likely to have committed murder on that fateful day. Soon Leah is drawn to conspiracy theories that might just be true.But whoever committed the crime, Leah is heading down a dangerous path. One much darker and more dangerous than her worst nightmares.Praise for the Isabel Fielding series:"I can't recommend this book enough...it was one of the best books I've read this year!""Without giving too much away, the characters had me fooled! Nothing is what it seems, you need to keep reading ... just one more chapter...""One For Sorrow is such a fabulously dark and twisted read. I knew from the opening pages it was going to be good but by heck I didn't forsee the twists and turns as they happened. It's one of those stories that you will be constantly second-guessing and jumping at conclusions only to be totally wrong.""This dark, twisty psychological thriller was totally riveting."