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The past will always catch you...

"See You Soon is a really gripping, suspenseful read. I felt like I was holding my breath in anticipation throughout the whole book!"
- The Book Magnet

What is true friendship really worth?

When Emily receives an email from her estranged childhood friend, Ali, she instantly looks forward to reading what it has to say. She hasn’t seen or heard from Ali in a very long time and hopes that they can begin to rekindle the perfect friendship they once had.

But when Emily opens the email, she finds it isn’t the friendly message she had hoped for. Instead, it is a desperate plea for help from Ali to tell Emily she could be in danger.

Growing increasingly concerned for Ali’s safety, Emily is forced to return to the seaside town where she and Ali had grown up. The same town that she had fled from over fifteen years ago, when she had sworn she would never return.

Once back there, Emily is quickly thrown into a game of cat and mouse, where she must follow the clues to help her old friend. But time is against her and she is constantly looking over her shoulder.

It appears Emily isn’t alone, and must hurry before her past finally tracks her down...

What readers are saying about See You Soon...

"This novel is very well-written and kept me hooked right up to the very end, and the build-up of tension didn't disappoint - I definitely did not see that twist!"
- Books Of All Kinds

"A gripping, interesting, cleverly crafted thriller that grabs and pulls you in for the ride. You won't guess it!"
- Amazon customer

"See You Soon had me gripped from beginning to end. NC Marshall really is an up and coming author who is one to watch out for!"
- By The Letter Book Reviews

"Kept me guessing throughout! I was hooked from start to finish."
- Goodreads Member

"Great book, fast paced and edge of the seat thriller. Couldn't put it down!"
- Amazon Customer

"I was hooked straight away by the prologue. This was definitely a story with potential and I wasn't disappointed."
- The Haphazardous Hippo Reviews

"NC Marshall is a very talented author; her writing is so vibrant and suspenseful with sublime twists!"
-The Book Magnet Reviews

"Full of drama, mystery, excitement, friendship, love and just had a bit of everything in it, which in my eyes makes a great book!"
- Laura H Book Reviews