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Historical, Fantasy

Scotland has just suffered the ravages of the Battle of Culloden and must heal itself physically and spiritually. Will the magickal touch of the Healer be needed?

The story centers on the Healer who possesses magickal powers that appear at moments of great distress. What is she supposed to do with these powers? Is she truly a Healer-or is she a wicked woman with abilities to harm others?

Fleeing from a soldier and others promising harm, she travels to 18th century Highlands of Scotland with a huge, black wolf who is both her companion and protector. She meets Alex, a powerful and intriguing man who is the leader of a clan of brothers who are indebted to her for saving their youger brother's life.

Her journey is filled with spine-tingling escapades where her magick and wits are the only things than can save her. Caitlin, the Healer, has much to learn about why powers have been given to her. It seems as if her destiny has been planned and she must find her place in the Highlands-where danger is never far away, and neither is magick...