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Historical Romance

Some men conform to societal expectations, but not the Gentlemen of Intrigue. They operate in the shadows on the fringes of polite society. They don't follow rules; they break them-especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

With Uncle Charles away, the rakes are out to play . . .
Every rakehell in London seems to believe Regina Darlington is ripe for seduction without a protector at her side. They are mistaken. She is well equipped to defend her virtue using an ancient warrior art she learned from her uncle. Protecting her heart is another matter. When a down-and-out thief knocks himself unconscious robbing her uncle's town house, Regina takes pity on him and discovers she has no defenses against his charms, or a marriage of convenience that spoils her plans.

The price for his redemption is one more sin . . .
American scoundrel Xavier Vistoire gambled with the wrong man and lost his freedom. Now he has a chance to return home and atone for past mistakes, but first he must break into an earl's house and steal a map. After he surprises a goddess during her bath and falls down the stairs trying to escape her rabid poodle, he wakes to find he has a new jailer--one who quickly captures his heart. And he'll risk everything to protect his reluctant bride from an enemy willing to kill for what he wants.

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Gentlemen of Intrigue series:
Book 1: Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart
Book 2: Resisting Romeo
Book 3: A Lady to Remember
Book 4: Lord Margrave's Secret Desire