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A practical, step by step guide to making conversation. Learn how to have great conversations that flow well so you can feel confident when making small talk, flirting with a date, or making new friends.

This guide includes:

The Secret Of Conversation Flow
What makes some conversations flow smoothly, and others sputter or feel awkward? In this section, I explain the principles of “Invitation” and “Inspiration” and how these two principles work together to create smooth, comfortable conversation.

Invitation: The Art Of Good Questions
Invitations help to add structure to a conversation by clearly communicating to your partner when it’s their turn to speak and giving them a topic to speak about. In this section, I discuss invitations in depth and teach you how to use them in your conversations. In addition, since most invitations are questions, I explain how to ask good questions and show how you can build rapport with others using questions.

Inspiration: The Heartbeat Of Good Conversations
It’s possible to build a conversation out of nothing but invitations, but there’s a better way. Through something I call an “inspiration”, you help build conversation that feels more natural and that encourages more sharing and intimacy between you and your partner. This section explains what inspirations are and how they work

Inspiration In Practice
Once you understand what inspirations are and what they can do for you, you’ll be eager to apply them in your everyday conversation. This section gives you the practical, step-by-step guidance you need to do just that

Invitation and Inspiration In Practice
After you’ve learned about invitation and inspiration separately, it’s time to discover how they can work together. This section explains how you can use invitation and inspiration in harmony with each other and equips you to use them in real-world conversations.

Bonus: Ten Easy Tips For Improving Conversations
As a thank-you for reading this guide on your Kindle, I've prepared ten tips for improving your conversation skills. These tips are found nowhere else, and they're easy ways to boost your conversation confidence.

This guide to conversation written by Daniel Wendler (Aka, me!) I overcame the challenges of Asperger's by studying social skills, and now I share what I learned with others. I'm the author of the popular Improve your Social Skills online guide to social skills, the moderator of /r/socialskills on Reddit, and also a TEDx speaker. Enjoy the guide!