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Romantic Comedy

Matthew’s a runner……who bolted from marrying April’s sister.Will he always let a woman down?Seven years after being left at the altar, April’s sister June is getting hitched to a reliable man.April’s making the dress, the cake is iced, and nothing, but nothing, will ruin her sister’s big day. Or will it?Cue the potential crisis.June has chosen Matthew as her ‘something old’ and invited him to the wedding. Her father hates his guts, and just the sight of him in the church might give her mother a heart attack.Add in the fact that so many sexy sparks are flying between Matthew and April there’s liable to be a fire, and this wedding is fated for disaster.Matthew has no intention of going to his annoying ex’s wedding until April turns up to tell him he can’t, because who can resist a dare?You’ll love this fun and flirty romantic comedy, because everyone deserves a second chance!Get it now.