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Small Town Romance

A millionaire businessman and a nanny meet their match when they are secretly thrown together by a meddling matchmaker! Widower and millionaire Tanner Clearbrook is livid when his father secretly hires beautiful Hannah Elliot as tutor to his young son. However, the couple want nothing to do with each other, that is, until one little boy brings them together. But can their love survive a shattering secret?COLORADO CLEARBROOKS - In this small town contemporary romance series, descendants from The Clearbrooks are now settled in the western part of the United States in modern-day Colorado. Here, the family saga continues with sweet, inspirational, heartwarming love stories.Book 1 - Almost MidnightBook 2 - Almost SundownBook 3 - Almost DaybreakTHE CLEARBROOKS - Regency Historical Romance seriesBook 1 - The Rejected SuitorBook 2 - The Wagered BrideBook 3 - The Convenient BrideBook 4 - The Mischievous BrideBook 5 - The Duke's BrideTender, humorous, captivating...