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With over Half a Million worldwide downloads and Twenty-Eight Million pages read in Kindle Unlimited, readers are raving about the Talented Saga: "X-Men meets Divergent in a new way." "Intoxicatingly good."Block out thoughts.Talia Lyons has one goal at the McDonough School for the Talented: learn to use her Talent as a Mental Manipulator to kill the man who murdered her parents.Block out pain.She'll deal with anything. The brutal physical demands. The emotional toll. Whatever it takes to reach her objective.Block out friendship.With only one year left in the program, Talia is suddenly finding it harder than ever to ignore the rest of her life. Block out love. Even worse, she can't seem to turn off her psychic connection to her first love...or quit thinking about her fascinating new teammate.Feel only vengeance.Ian Crane. The man who destroyed Talia's life. The one she's determined to eradicate.Now focus.It's time to kill.The Talented Saga is an award-winning and internationally bestselling Dystopian Romance series about the life of a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, and what happens when a heart is torn between love and rage...