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Contemporary Romance

A Metamorph Publishing 2016 Indie Book Award 2nd place winnerAuthor of 6 Contemporary Romance, and 6 Contemporary Fantasy books "Angela's treatment of the darker plot is masterful, while the romantic element carries the reader on a blissful journey to its climax." - Mandy Thomas Author of Hard To feel Whole, Hard To Feel Free, and Hard To Be StrongJude Holland is a man with a problem. His heart belongs to his best friend, Maya. But Maya belongs to someone else.Maya Jenkins has a bigger problem. Her boyfriend's jealousy and temper is controlling her life. When she plucks up courage to leave Carl, she reaches out to Jude. After rescuing her from an abusive partner, Jude is shocked by how much Carl Frasier has destroyed Maya's strong spirit. No longer the carefree, self-assured woman he once knew, Jude vows to help her pick up the pieces of her life. However, Jude doesn't bank on Carl's unwillingness to let Maya go.Perfect for fans of Kristen Ashley and J.A HussRomance Readers' Have a love affair with Lemon Drops And LoveAngela will have your heart beating for more than one reason!" - J. Stevens"It blends romance with suspense in a well written, sexy read, with engaging characters that are so believable you will laugh and cry along with them." - Some Kiwibird "I devoured this book in a single day, and it's 40+ chapters!" - Break Mwango"This hit my heart in so many ways..." - Tammy