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Paranormal Romantic Suspense

We Witches Three Book 1, Isle of Bones…Three Gifted Witches. One Handsome Vampire. An Island's Worth of Supernatural Trouble… Protect the Power Source—a job that's been in the hands of the Howard Witches for many generations. However, there were once generous numbers of witches protecting the power source and its secret home on The Demon Isle. Today, however, there are only three witch siblings still alive, which makes balancing love, life, and duty, nearly impossible. Melinda, who has prophetic dreams of people about to die.Michael, the empath and death reader.Charlie, cursed with a werewolf bite.And William, an aged and handsome vampire, longtime family friend, and mentor to them all. Together, they protect The Demon Isle… Until Melinda has a dream that could destroy the life of one of her brothers, and the local sheriff calls them in need of help solving a murder. Two cases that intertwine and will forever change the lives of the Howard Witches…