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Military Romance

Army Ranger Colton “Hawk” Hawkins has a new set of orders — Find a wife.This new longer version has deleted scenes and never before seen love scenes!Colton “HAWK” HawkinsFresh off a grueling tour overseas, I was looking forward to getting a little R&R — at least once I’d secured my promotion to Captain.See, my father went before me and left some pretty big boot prints for me to follow. I wanted my Captaincy before my thirtieth birthday, and would do just about anything to get it — another deployment, specialized training, overtime. Bring it on. What I wasn’t expecting was my Colonel’s advice that I get married.Marriage wasn’t on my radar, but if that’s what it would take to get my boots on the next rung of the ladder, I’d find a way.Karena HarperI wasn’t sure what I was looking for, I always figured the next steps on my path would appear.But if they were, they were sure taking their sweet time.Stuck in a dead end job, with no prospects on the horizon, the walls were closing in around me.After a late night snuggle session with a bottle of cab, I stumbled across Colton Hawkin’s online ad and in the blurry light of day, realized that not only was he looking for a date — he was looking for his last first date — and I’d volunteered!It’s a modern marriage of convenience.He’s looking for a wife. She’s looking for an adventure.Will they get what they want, or will it all blow up in their faces and leave them both empty handed?Find out in the first book of the brand new series Army Wives!Colton is a novel length contemporary military romance with an HEA!