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Dark Fantasy

When the blue moon rises the portal home opens one last time...THE COMPLETE FATED SERIES NOW AVAILABLE!In Book 1, Awaken…A magical clan is on the run from an ancient enemy when they seek out a safe haven in a campground off the coast of Maine. But when they're attacked, the long-forgotten world of magic collides with the lives of three young friends who find themselves thrust into an unforgiving and exciting new world—full of witches, rude books, terrifying visions, spine-chilling horror, and deadly flying demons—just to name a few… When the attack ends and the magical clan flees through a portal to another world, a young man has been accidentally left behind. The three friends are determined to help him get back to his family but the portal only opens one more time, and not for another month—when the blue moon rises. Plus, they've never fought in a magical war before—heck, they didn't even know magic or witches were real! As time runs out, and their month-long battle for survival pushes them into a race against the blue moon rising, the portal opens for the last time and they must find the courage to overcome insurmountable odds, and battle terrifying creatures to get the young man back to his family. And when it looks like they might fail and all hope is lost, help arrives from the most unexpected of places, but ends in sacrifice… THE FATED FANTASY ADVENTURE SERIES IS COMPLETEPlease Read in Order Starting with Book 1, AwakenBook 1: AwakenBook 2: Shifting Book 3: EmbraceBook 4: BrokenBook 5: DividedBook 6: TakenBook 7: ControlBook 8: ForsakenBook 9: SacrificeBook 10: RedeemBook 11: Ascend (The Final Book in the Series)