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Ebook Deals Today | October 22, 2017

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1/22 Ebook Deal of the Day: $2.99 “Leaving the Hall Light On” by Madeline Sharples

 "Leaving the Hall Light On" by Madeline Sharples

Ebook Deal of the Day: $2.99 “Leaving the Hall Light On” by Madeline Sharples

Genre: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoir


“The courage and strength of will it took to write this book is matched by the superb writing, the clarity of emotional insight, and the uplifting music of its brave prose.” – Jack Grapes, author of The Naked Eye and Method Writing

“Brave and Gritty. Innovative. Resourceful. Inspiring. Sure to increase your understanding and compassion for others in turmoil.” – Sharon Lippincott, Story Circle Network Reviews

“I recommend this book to not only those who lost a child or who struggle with the mental illness of a child, but to anyone at all who wants a deep, intimate read where the author bares her soul and lets you into her world!” – Bonni Rubinstein, Organizer of the Facebook group “Loss of an Adult or Young Adult Child”

“A poetically visceral, emotionally honest account of the author’s experience with her son’s bipolar disorder, his suicide, and her family’s grief and adaptation to their terrible loss. I will be a better, more empathic psychiatrist, and a better person and friend after having read this extraordinary memoir.” – Irvin D. Godofsky, M.D.

“Leaving the Hall Light On left me in tears. It is a heart-wrenching book; I could not put it down. Anyone who wants to learn how to live with children or adults with bipolar disorder, must read this book.” – Mary Barrett, The Nashville (Illinois) News

“I would recommend this book to suicide survivors, and I also invite mental health professionals to read it. I would be willing to bet that Madeline Sharples is much more honest about what it is like to survive suicide than most patients and clients allow themselves to be.” – Fran Edstrom, the American Association of Suicidology

From the Author

Madeline Sharples offers the story of her son Paul’s journey into madness and the life she rebuilt from the rubble of profound sorrow and heartbreak. Sharples describes her grief and the guilt-ridden aftermath, and then moves forward to share with readers how she emerged from a heart-crushing event alive, whole, and productive.

Interspersed with photographs, as well as poems stunning in bare emotion, the book explains what happened in the life of Madeline’s family before and after the death of her eldest son, and how Madeline, her husband, and younger son claimed the ability to move forward with their lives–honoring the memory of Paul and facing honestly the toll his mental illness took on their family.

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