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Ebook Deals Today | September 21, 2017

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Loving,Longing and Losing by M.H. O’Hara

drama romantic fiction ebook Loving,Longing and Losing by M.H. O'Hara

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A man takes a vow to love God and God alone and he does so faithfully for fifteen years until the day Eileen walks into his chapel in Belfast. Eileen a torn woman in her soul, she a Catholic has sinned she has been driven into prostitution to save her son and their home after her abusive marriage came to a timely end. And now is in danger of losing her mind, losing her soul and losing her self. Until Father Peter O Kane makes a new vow. A vow to love her and her alone and to save her and in doing so save himself from his own past demon;s. Now both sinners for love but how can they be together? With the Catholic church, brothels and terrorists against them even God stands in their way.Will they make it out alive? Will they make it together and at what cost!

Passage from Book.

Looking at her you’d never know not for a second would it cross your mind. Look deeper, look past the dusky pink designer suit. Do you see her now? Who is she? She is you. Me, your sister, your mother, your neighbour, your best friend. But still you don’t see her and you wouldn’t recognise her if you did!

Genre: Humorous Fiction


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