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Ebook Deals Today | July 10, 2020

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Accounting 101 by Max McCoy

Accounting 101 by Max McCoy

Realtime Price – $2.99

A simple, straight-forward tool to make you financially bulletproof and never worry about accounting again
Do you think accounting is a dry and complex subject that someone invented to make your life complicated?

Do you find yourself losing sleep at night because you have no idea how to file your taxes?

Do you avoid taking a look at your bank account because you fear the numbers you’ll need to face?

Are you looking for new investors, yet you’re already start sweating at the idea of needing to answer questions about “ROI” and “break-even”?

Accounting is far from rocket science. With the right tools at hand, any 14 year old high school dropout can master the essentials of accounting and even have fun with it.

Accounting 101 starts from the bottom and uses simple, easy-to-understand language to explain accounting to anyone without prior knowledge.

Even if you’ve done your accounting for years and you just need a easy-to-follow guide to look for answers to your questions, author Max McCoy is your man.

In Accounting 101, you’ll discover:

10+ everyday examples to illustrate accounting principles in an easy-to-understand way
Simple tricks to ensure you’re never intimidated by your own finances again
Why a teenager working for in a grocery store knows more about accounting than you do
Red flags to watch out for to avoid the most common yet easy-to-avoid financial mistakes
The #1 tool to keep your business afloat
A cheat sheet to evaluate the financial health of your business
How to beat the competition with revolutionary accounting hacks
Answers to all frequently asked questions about accounting (for beginners and experienced accountants)
And much more.

You might be wondering why it’s even important to get a grip on accounting since there are enough softwares out there that can do the majority of your bookkeeping for you.

Yet, those programs are only reliable if your numbers are keyed correctly. Most people make at least one or two major mistakes while using accounting softwares, making the reports worthless… or even worse, it could get you in huge trouble with the IRS.

Filing your taxes incorrectly can be identified as fraud and in some cases, the IRS can and will pursue civil or criminal charges.

The reason why you want to learn accounting is the same reason why you need to learn the ABCs before you start reading. It is the foundation of growing and succeeding with any kind of business.

Even if you have a regular job with a paycheck and an employer who withholds the taxes you owe on your earnings, there is a lot more to the process to ensure you’re paying taxes appropriately.

No one cares about your money as much as you do. Neither a software nor a professional accountant. It’s up to you to make sure you’re not leaving piles of money on the table due to lack of knowledge.

If you want to beat your fear of looking at your bank accounts, then scroll up, click “Add to Cart” and enjoy the quickest guide to accounting.

Genre: NonFiction, Business

Accounting 101: A Simple, Comprehensive Guide to the Basics and Principles of Accounting by Max McCoy

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