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Ebook Deals Today | January 17, 2021

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12/25 Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.99 “Alphina Vampire Nexus: Secrets of the Mayan Calendar” by Jim Gordon

12/25 Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.99 "Alphina Vampire Nexus: Secrets of the Mayan Calendar" by Jim Gordon

Ebook Deal of the Day: $3.99 "Alphina Vampire Nexus: Secrets of the Mayan Calendar" by Jim Gordon

Genre: Scifi, Action & Adventure

An epic novel, Aphina Vampire Nexus blends scientific theory into a science fiction, fantasy, and action format to bring the theory to life.

The book builds on the recent fascination with the correct translation of the Mayan calendar regarding Dec.21st 2012, and the true orbit of Nibiru, with its supposed returning giant Annunaki and Nephilim. Other theories are introduced that revolve around these scientific principles to form an interesting novel. For example, the book discusses the actual meaning of 666 as well as who built the pyramids and when, and how the dinosaurs became extinct.

Various disciplines are used in the book including: anthropology, mathematics, physics, metallurgy, eschatology, political, theology, archeology, philosophy, psychology, evolutionism, chemistry, astrophysics, and general science.

Vampires and vampire hunters shake up the action, along with UFOs and aliens.
The book discusses additional details such as: the Mayan Calendar, Nibiru orbit, Planet X, Annunaki, Nephilim, Giants, Sons of God, Area 51, UFOs, , Gray & Dracs, Ancient Aliens, Extraterrestrials, E.T., Sumerian gods returning, Pyramids, Vampires, Dracula, Shadow creatures, Inter-dimensional beings, Shads, Sasquatch, Big Foot, Yeti, Mermaids, God, Egyptian Pyramids, Central American Pyramids, How the pyramids were built, Who built the pyramids, Pyramid power, Conspiracy theory, Reptilians, Millennium, Millennial Rule, Mind Control, Mind marking, Stonehenge, Sumerian gods, Cuneiform, Dooms day, End of the World, End time church, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon Man, Mark of the Beast, 666, Anti-Christ, Synchronicity, End time, Lost Worlds, Interplanetary travel, Vedas, Dwarka, Zombies, Gun control, Vaccination, Tesla, Tesla coil, Election 2012, December 21, 2012, Nexus, Matrix, Martial arts action, JFK assassination, Unified theory, Jesus, 144,000, Man Child, Mother ships, flying saucers, Intergalactic warfare, Military, Militia, Time travel, clones, cyborgs, Gene manipulation, RFID chip, Monsters, Genetic spicing, Cone heads, Prepping, Peppers, Apocalypse, Noah’s flood, Noah’s ark, Ark of the Covenant, Extinction of the Dinosaurs, T-Rex, Voter fraud, Gobekli Tepe, Mermaids, GMO, Lost continent of Atlantis, Alien invasion, Hybrid creatures, Nazi brain washing, High command, Flying saucer propulsion systems, Voter fraud, Election fraud, and Secession. There is truly something for everyone!

The story begins with the escape of an out-of-this-world genius who has been held captive, and from there goes from action to science and back to mystery.

The book informs and entertains, all at the same time.

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