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Ebook Deals Today | June 23, 2018

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100 Unfortunate Days by Penelope Crowe($2.99)

100 Unfortunate Days is the diary of a woman on the verge of a breakthrough–or breakdown. Her musings are at times surreal and dark, and other times beautiful and dream-like. She allows herself to admit the secret thoughts that cross our minds, but we often censor. She speaks of her abysmal marriage, her regrets of becoming a mother, and wonders if she can kill people with her mind. 100 Unfortunate Days makes us question our sanity, or at least our definition of who is good and who is terrible.

“Crowe has crafted a journal of 100 days that can make you laugh, sigh, and frown all in one “day”. Theological, anti-spiritual, psychological, just plain weird… Crowe has a grasp of the reality and truth of this world and life that many others could never put into words – though they understand it to be true. 100 Unfortunate Days reads like the inner-workings of a dream – lyrical, powerful, and full of lessons, if you only know where to find them.”

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